Lewis Hamilton reveals one similarity he has with Mr Bean

Lewis Hamilton doesn't enjoy normal everyday driving due to finding traffic "stressful".

Despite being one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all-time, seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he doesn’t “like driving”, something which might come as a shock.

Most people would think that racing drivers love to drive, given that it’s their job; however, Hamilton has honestly admitted that he finds everyday driving “very stressful”, with the 38-year-old not being a fan of traffic.

Hamilton’s dislike of driving “unless it’s fast”, means he often lets other people drive, like his father, for example.

The Mercedes driver is known to own several stunning supercars, none of which he drives when he visits his hometown.

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Believe it or not, Hamilton drives “an old Mini Cooper” when he’s in Stevenage, with the 103-time race winner having joked that it’s “like Mr Bean’s”.

Hamilton likes the fact that “nobody expects” him to be driving such a small and old car, which perhaps makes it the perfect cover for the veteran.

“I don’t like driving, people always ask but no, I don’t like to drive, unless it’s fast,” he told Fox Sports.

“My father loves to drive, but in my case, I’d rather give the keys to someone else. I don’t like traffic, it’s very stressful for me.

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“When I get home I have an old Mini Cooper, like Mr Bean’s, I take it to the city where I grew up and I drive through places that bring back memories like my school, my first home. Nobody expects me to be in that car, I assure you.”

On the racetrack where he can drive fast, things have been getting better for Hamilton, after claiming his and the team’s first podium of the season at the Australian Grand Prix.

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Hamilton claimed back-to-back fifth-place finishes in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, before claiming a brilliant P2 at the Albert Park Circuit.

It was by far Hamilton’s best race of the 2023 F1 season so far, with the Mercedes driver having even led the race for a short period of time.

Whilst Red Bull remain significantly stronger than the Silver Arrows, Hamilton can certainly take some confidence from the W14’s performance in Melbourne, ahead of the rest of the season.