Lewis Hamilton responds to trolls

Lewis Hamilton often faces criticism over his unique fashion sense and positive mentality.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has faced substantial criticism from trolls over recent years, with Mercedes having used it as an opportunity to have the 38-year-old react to some of the interesting messages.

In a new video on the team’s YouTube channel, Hamilton reacted to several mean social media messages, with most of them having taking aim at the 103-time race winner’s fashion sense and positive mindset.

None of the messages bothered the Briton, who actually saw the funny side of what some of trolls had said.

The first of which labelled the Mercedes driver as a “mad hippy”, something which made the Stevenage-born driver laugh.

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“Lewis Hamilton is so draining man. Can’t the guy just say a sentence without curing world peace or just being a mad hippy?” read the first mean message.

“What do you want me to say? I’m a positive guy,” Hamilton insisted after a brief giggle.

His fashion sense was one of the leading themes of the video, with some having compared Hamilton to characters in popular films.

Hamilton is often seen in the paddock wearing exuberant clothing, with his fashion sense certainly being unique.

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“Lewis Hamilton dresses like a non-speaking extra from Back To The Future 2,” read a message, whilst another also took aim at Hamilton’s fashion sense: “I sometimes think Lewis Hamilton is just a character from Zoolander.”

Hamilton responded to the second message regarding his fashion sense by joking that he actually made. a cameo in the second Zoolander film, showing how the Briton was seeing the funny side of the messages.

Another noted that Hamilton “looked like a prat riding around the paddock on a kids’ scooter”. 

Whilst the video was light-hearted, Hamilton made sure to spread an important message, that “everyone has the right to an opinion”.

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Hamilton also noted that all of the messages he read were “pretty funny”, with none of them having gotten to the veteran.

“I just want to say to everyone that has an opinion, everyone has a right to an opinion. Anyone out there that doesn’t like me, that’s totally fine,” Hamilton said at the end of the video.

“You’re not supposed to love everyone in the world. I wish you nothing but positivity and I still appreciate the comments because they are pretty funny, to be honest.”