Lewis Hamilton publicly disagrees with Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton claimed six world titles between 2014-2020, whilst Mercedes won eight constructors' championships in a row.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff have disagreed over the scale of Red Bull’s current dominance, with the duo sharing very different views in regard to just how strong the Austrians currently are.

Hamilton endured a mixed Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, with the seven-time world champion having finished fifth after starting in seventh.

The Mercedes driver did well to capitalise on a Safety Car, which allowed the Briton to jump Charles Leclerc thanks to a cheap pit-stop.

He ultimately struggled for pace, though, and was unable to challenge team-mate George Russell for fourth, despite having softer tyres for the final stint.

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He was somewhat downbeat after the race due to still not feeling “comfortable” in the W14; however, there was a bigger talking point.

Hamilton was asked about Red Bull’s RB19, with former rival Max Verstappen having stormed through the field from 15th.

The Dutchman went on to finish second, with the 25-year-old having made light work of Hamilton along the way.

Hamilton admitted after the race that he “didn’t even bother to block” Verstappen due to him being so fast, with the 103-time race winner going as far as saying that Red Bull’s 2023 car is faster than Mercedes ever were during their dominant era.

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“I have definitely never seen a car so fast,” Hamilton said after the race.

“When we were fast, we were not that fast. It is the fastest car I have seen, especially compared to the rest. I don’t know how, but he [Verstappen] came past me with some serious speed and I didn’t even bother to block him because there was a massive speed difference.

“Everyone wants to see a close battle, but it is the way it is. It is not my problem, it is not my fault.”

Wolff, interestingly, disagrees with the veteran.

The Mercedes boss believes the Silver Arrows were “as strong” as Red Bull currently are during their dominant spell, where they were virtually unbeatable.

“We have had those years when we were as strong,” Wolff said.

Wolff went on to admit that Red Bull’s dominance “is not great for the show” but that he can relate to having the same said about Mercedes, with many having labelled the Germans dominance as boring.

“It is a meritocracy,” Wolff added.

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“Even if it is not great for the show that the same guys win all the time, it is because they have done a good job and we haven’t.

“We shouldn’t down-talk it, because I remember hearing questions like that in 2014-2020, and what makes the sport so special is that you need to work hard to win and you deserve it as a matter of fact.

“Entertainment follows sport. It is maybe not good from the commercial side but it is what makes F1 so special.”