Lewis Hamilton pays tribute to Coco

Lewis Hamilton's future in Formula 1 beyond 2023 remains very much up in the air.

A known dog lover, Lewis Hamilton’s current pet Roscoe has built up his own loyal fanbase with multiple appearance at Formula 1 circuits around the globe.

Hamilton and, prior to her departure from his team, his former physio Anglea Cullen has been regularly seen walking his dog around the paddock.

Roscoe was adopted by Hamilton in 2013, with the seven-time world champion adding Coco to his household later that year.

The Brit’s dogs became internet celebrities thanks to their popularity among Hamilton’s fans, getting over 725,000 followers on Instagram.

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Unfortunately for Hamilton, Coco suddenly passed away a few years ago at the driver’s home, having suffered a suspected heart attack.

At the time, Hamilton posted: “Her little heart gave in, we think it was a heart attack. I tried to revive her but it was no use.

“She’d had the best day, happier than I’d seen her in a long time. She was such a special dog, born with so many problems and I feel so lucky to have adopted her.

“She went through a lot to become the bouncy, lazy loving dog she was.

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“On her last day, we shared a special moment playing together which I will never forget. I will miss her snoring and her always happy to see me.”

Remembering Coco after her death, Hamilton had her name tattooed on his pinky finger in 2022.

Now, marking nearly three years since Coco’s death, Hamilton wrote “There’s not a second that goes by I don’t miss you Coco’ with the first, and another picture with a single heart emoji.”