Lewis Hamilton mocks Carlos Sainz’s fashion sense

Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton has mocked Ferrari's Carlos Sainz over his fashion sense.

Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton, known as much for his fashion sense as his impressive skills behind the wheel, couldn’t resist poking fun at Carlos Sainz for what he considered the “worst bucket hat ever” worn by the Ferrari driver during the Spanish Grand Prix. 

The light-hearted exchange between the two drivers was captured in a social media clip released by Formula 1, showcasing Hamilton’s playful side off the racetrack.

Hamilton, a seven-time world champion in Formula 1, has always had a passion for fashion. In 2018, he partnered with iconic American designer Tommy Hilfiger to launch his own clothing line, TOMMYXLEWIS, during New York Fashion Week. 

With his keen eye for style, Hamilton didn’t hold back in expressing his opinion on Sainz’s choice of headwear.

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The video clip showed Hamilton proudly presenting a picture of Sainz wearing a bucket hat adorned with red chillies, a playful nod to the Spaniard’s nickname. 

With a touch of humor, Hamilton declared, “It’s the bucket hat, it’s the worst bucket hat ever!” 

The light-hearted jab demonstrated Hamilton’s witty personality and his love for fashion.

Beyond the fashion banter, both Hamilton and Sainz had a mixed performance during the Spanish Grand Prix. Hamilton secured a second-place finish behind rival Max Verstappen, while Sainz experienced a drop in positions, finishing fifth after starting higher on the grid. 

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Both drivers will now have a two-week break to analyse their performances before the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix.

As the teams evaluate their standings, Ferrari will be eager to narrow the 52-point gap to Mercedes in the constructors’ championship. 

While the competition remains fierce on the track, these moments of light-heartedness between drivers serve as a reminder to fans of the camaraderie and fun that exist within the Formula 1 paddock.