Lewis Hamilton mocked for sharing ‘evidence’ as he faces legal action

Lewis Hamilton posted a video on Instagram which shows him having fun on the streets of Japan.

It has been a tough year for Lewis Hamilton, with the Brit keen to avenge the injustice of the 2021 season finale in Abu Dhabi, but not being given the car by Mercedes to do so.

The Silver Arrows have admitted that they got the physics wrong surrounding the new era of Formula 1 cars, resulting in severe porpoising and a lack of pace compared to Red Bull and Ferrari.

The Brit understandable wants to forget about his year with the W13 as quickly as possible and has now shown on Instagram how he has let off steam following the curtailment of the season.

The 37-year-old has posted a video montage which shows him pushing a Nissan Skyline R34 GR-R to its limits on the streets of Japan, performing donuts in a car park and racing through the streets with the caption “I only like to drive track, but I make exceptions”.

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Admittingly, the video looks like a lot of fun, but it has now been revealed that the Nissan in the video is a rental vehicle, meaning that his illegal driving on show becomes even more of a problem.

Omoshiro Rent-a-Car have issued a statement, slamming Hamilton for his ‘horrible act’ and hinting that they may look to take legal action against the seven-time world champion.

While one of the greats of Formula 1 finds himself embroiled in legal controversy, fans cannot help but see the funny side of Hamilton exposing himself, as it was him that posted the video to his millions of followers.

“He actually posted incriminating evidence himself I’m crying man,” laughed one Twitter user, poking fun at Hamilton’s Instagram video.

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The video remains up on Hamilton’s Instagram page, with the Brit yet to comment on the allegations, with some social media users suggesting that the 37-year-old has backed himself in a corner with no way out.

“There is evidence of him driving dangerously. It wasn’t in a closed off section of road for him to do it either. There’s no defence for him here,” posted another Twitter user.

It is yet to be seen whether the rental company will take any action against Hamilton for his misuse of their vehicle, or whether the Brit will address the claims, but after a long and difficult year for Hamilton this controversy will be the last thing he would have wanted.