Lewis Hamilton makes ‘strange’ Ferrari comment as he demands upgrades from Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton hopes his team can salvage their 2023 season after he only managed back-to-back fifth place finishes in the first two races.

Lewis Hamilton has called on his team to bring “upgrades ASAP” to help them compete with the dominant Red Bull duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Bahrain saw Hamilton finish over 50 seconds behind race winner Verstappen, while Saudi Arabia saw him trailing 31 seconds behind Perez, leading him to admit he still doesn’t have confidence in the car.

“It’s a massive knife-edge when you’re at 95% and above,” Hamilton told reporters.

“But when you’re in the race stint, it’s much more controllable and predictable.”

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“I still don’t have the confidence, but I’m doing the best that I can with it.”

Despite a tough outing in the first two races, Hamilton sought to take some comfort in the ability of Mercedes to hold off both Ferraris in Saudi Arabia. 

“It’s definitely strange to see that Ferrari were behind us, that’s a positive for us.”

However, if Mercedes are to compete for a title in 2023, Hamilton was clear that his team must bring “upgrades ASAP and try to close that gap” before Red Bull’s lead becomes insurmountable. 

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The concern about the large gap between Red Bull and the rest of the field was something that Hamilton’s teammate George Russell expressed after the Saudi Arabia GP. 

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“The gap they have to the rest of the field, I think is bigger than we’ve seen probably since Mercedes in 2014. You know, it’s a serious, serious gap, and I guess everybody needs to keep working harder to understand how to close that gap,” Russell said.

As part of their efforts to move up the grid, team principal Toto Wolff has stated that Mercedes is going to abandon its zero sidepod concept that they introduced last season. 

Wolff told reporters after the Saudi weekend that Mercedes are planning “big steps” with the W14, “much bigger than we’ve had over a long time.”