Lewis Hamilton makes heart-warming gesture amid Ukraine refugee crisis

Sir Lewis Hamilton has become known for standing up against social injustices.

Sir Lewis Hamilton isn’t only an exceptional racing driver; he’s also an incredible person.

The seven-time World Champion has become well-known for using his voice and position as an F1 driver for good, having spoken about topics like human rights when in countries like Saudi Arabia, who have a poor human rights record.

Hamilton has also founded his own charity, aimed at getting underrepresented groups get into the sport.

The Brit has spent time and an awful lot of money on campaigns in a bid to support minority groups.

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It’s been revealed that the Mercedes F1 Team driver has done yet another wonderful thing, after donating a gift basket to a Ukrainian refugee.

Ukraine is currently under invasion from Russia, with many women and children having fled to other countries to escape the fighting.

It came to Hamilton’s attention that an eight-year-old fan of his, Roman, who dreams of being an F1 driver, had fled to Poland with his mother.

Hamilton made sure that a gift basket was ready in Poland to greet Roman, who had to brave missile strikes to get out of his home country.

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When Roman finally got to Poland, he found a signed cap, Mercedes Monopoly, a replica model Hamilton helmet and a note of support from the seven-time World Champion.

The gifts from Hamilton couldn’t have gone to a better person, with Roman hopefully becoming even more keen on becoming an F1 driver!

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The Mirror went to Poland to meet Roman and his mother, who since making it to the country have only seen their father/husband once, due to him battling on the front line in the war-torn nation.

Ivanna, Roman’s mum, said: “It was amazing to see him. He did not talk about what he has seen – he says I don’t need to know. He had extreme fatigue and said they have been using stimulant injections to keep awake.

“Roman was very happy to see his dad. He didn’t want to go back – it was hard.”