Lewis Hamilton left to fight the FIA following shocking change

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have supported various campaigns and communities at many races in recent years.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to going against the FIA, with the 37-year-old set to be locked in a battle with the governing body once again, following an change to the governing body’s regulations.

Despite so much incredible work having been done over recent years by the likes of Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, in giving the likes of the LGBTQ community a voice on the biggest stage in motorsport, the FIA seemingly wants to take that away.

The FIA has been praised over recent years for allowing drivers to support and raise concern for a magnitude of issues, with Hamilton having worn a rainbow-themed helmet recently when racing in the Middle East.

This is as a result of same-sex marriage continuing to be illegal in the vast majority of the area.

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As of now, things like this may never happen again, unless a driver gets permission from the FIA.

In order to become more similar to over governing bodies, the FIA’s International Sporting Code (ISC) has been updated to ban “the general making and display of political, religious and personal statements or comments notably in violation of the general principle of neutrality promoted by the FIA under its statutes, unless previously approved in writing by the FIA for international competitions”.

The changes to the regulations continue by stating: “Article 12.2.1.n. is changed to enable the FIA to align itself to the practices of other similar international sports organisations such as FIFA, IOC and FIBA on the matter of neutrality by amending the ISC to this effect. This will allow the ISC to widen its scope of application to cover statements/comments in violation of the general principle of neutrality.”

FIFA has actually been heavily criticised recently for banning nations from wearing armbands in support of the LGBTQ community at the recent World Cup in Qatar, a nation that bans same-sex marriage.

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One can only hope that the FIA will give drivers permission to show support for a campaign or community no matter where they are racing in the world, something that will be discovered in 2023.

The move by the FIA will see further question marks raised over FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem, who is reported to be unpopular in the F1 paddock.

During the year he even appeared to take a swipe at Vettel, Hamilton and Lando Norris, by contrasting the trio to Niki Lauda and Alain Prost.

According to Ben Sulayem, Lauda and Prost “cared about driving” only, whilst Vettel rides a “rainbow bicycle”.

“Niki Lauda and Alain Prost only cared about driving. Now, Vettel drives a rainbow bicycle, Lewis is passionate about human rights and [Lando] Norris addresses mental health,” Ben Sulayem said in June.

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Ben Sulayem clarified his interesting comments by insisting that as the president of the FIA, he is aiming to promote several areas, including, “diversity and inclusion”.

“As a driver, I have always believed in sport as a catalyst of progress in society,” he wrote on social media.

“That is why promoting sustainability, diversity and inclusion is a key priority of my mandate. In the same way, I value the commitment of all drivers and champions for a better future.”