Lewis Hamilton lashes out at Mercedes for ‘wrong tyre’ call

Sir Lewis Hamilton finished ninth at the 2022 Singapore GP after a slide into the tyre wall resulted in lost time and a nose change.

Sir Lewis Hamilton will look back on the Singapore Grand Prix with a wave of disappointment, after the British driver was completely at fault for finishing ninth, rather than in the top five.

The seven-time World Champion fell behind Carlos Sainz at Turn One, after suffering from wheel-spin during the second phase of his start.

His initial pull away was actually very good; however, his W13 then wheelspan ferociously, which allowed Sainz to sweep past.

Hamilton tried to hang it around the outside of the Spaniard but was pushed off the circuit; the stewards did look into the incident but deemed that no action was necessary.

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It didn’t take long for Hamilton to begin complaining over the radio, with the 37-year-old seemingly unhappy that he was fitted with new Intermediate tyres for the race.

One of Mercedes’ biggest issues this season has been heating up their tyres quickly, something Hamilton suffered from during the first few laps of the race.

The British driver got onto the radio to his team, explaining that he didn’t want the tyre and that his side should’ve listened to him.

Sky reporter Ted Kravitz revealed after the race that Hamilton wanted to start on used Intermediate tyres; however, Mercedes only had the very worn tyres from qualifying available.

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It is due to this that he had no choice but to start on a new set of the mixed conditions tyre.

When his Mercedes finally got some heat into the tyres, he quickly closed up on Carlos Sainz and gave it his all to find a way past; however, by pushing too hard he outbraked himself into Turn Seven, resulting in heavy direct contact with a barrier.

Thankfully for Hamilton he recovered back onto the track, but with a broken front wing.

As he continued for another lap before pitting, his front-left endplate made sparks fly around the Marina Bay Circuit, to the dissatisfaction of Max Verstappen, who was behind.

The Brit was not only given a new front-wing but also Medium tyres, but it appears that again the team went against what he wanted.

After a miserable race, George Russell was the first to venture onto a dry compound, whilst everyone else continued to circulate on the Intermediates.

Hamilton was told that his team-mate had been fitted with the Medium compound, a decision that again left the Briton questioning his team’s tactics.

“In these conditions you don’t want to go to a hard tyre like that,” Hamilton said over the radio.

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“You want to go to a soft.”

Like his team-mate, Hamilton was fitted with the Medium compound, with it unknown whether this was yet another tyre decision he was unhappy about.

After his stop, he re-emerged in P9 and was unable to make any late race progress, with overtaking appearing to have been very challenging in the tough conditions.