Lewis Hamilton joins Elton John backstage

Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton attended Elton John’s iconic performance, standing alongside a host of famous faces.

Lewis Hamilton was spotted backstage at Elton John’s highly anticipated final UK gig at the Glastonbury Festival on 25th June. 

According to The Sun, Hamilton was transported to the renowned music festival via a private helicopter to witness the legendary performance on the Pyramid Stage, which drew a crowd of over 100,000 people.

While millions watched the performance live on the BBC, Hamilton had the privilege of being backstage, where he even took a selfie with Elton John’s husband, David Furnish, during the show. 

The backstage area also hosted other notable figures, including actors Taron Egerton, Andrew Garfield, and music icon Paul McCartney, formerly of The Beatles.

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Although Hamilton may have been in the shadows during this occasion, he has previously ventured into the world of music. 

In 2018, under the pseudonym ‘XNDA,’ Hamilton made a guest appearance on Christina Aguilera’s track ‘Pipe.’ 

Later, he revealed his identity as the previously unknown rapper. 

Hamilton continues to write and record music in his spare time as a means to alleviate the stresses associated with Formula 1. 

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However, it remains uncertain whether a performance at Glastonbury will ever be on his musical horizon.

Interestingly, Glastonbury has a connection to the world of Formula 1 through McLaren star Lando Norris. 

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Norris was born in the vicinity of Glastonbury and spent much of his early life in the town, establishing a close bond with the area.

Hamilton’s presence at the historic Elton John concert not only highlights his passion for music but also showcases his ability to engage with diverse spheres of culture beyond the confines of the racetrack. 

As a global sports icon, Hamilton’s interests and engagements extend far beyond the world of Formula 1, allowing him to form connections with renowned figures from various industries.