Lewis Hamilton in hot water after Roscoe controversy

Lewis Hamilton’s dog Roscoe can often be found roaming the paddock with the Brit.

Spotting Lewis Hamilton in the F1 paddock is often a photographer’s dream, not only because of the spectacular outfits that he wears, but because he is often accompanied by his dog Roscoe.

The 38-year-old runs an Instagram account for his dog, with the bio claiming that the Roscoe lives on a vegan diet just like Hamilton.

“I’m a vegan bulldog that loves to travel, play ball and get attention from all the girls, especially when they rub my bum. I like frisbee and tennis,” reads the Instagram bio.

A lot of the content that Hamilton posts involving Roscoe is adored by fans, with footage from a go-pro that was strapped to the bulldog last year going viral as he roamed around the paddock.

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Hamilton has come under fire from some sections of his fanbase for his most recent post however, with some claiming that the outfit that Roscoe was wearing was unfair on the dog.

The video posted on Roscoe’s Instagram page shows the bulldog walking with his owner in the rain wearing a full yellow raincoat, with a visor over his face.

“I love running on rainy days. Just like dad,” read the post’s caption, which was visible to the page’s 720,000 followers.

Fans have slammed Hamilton for putting Roscoe in this outfit, claiming that the dog cannot see fully out of the visor, making it an impractical and uncomfortable outfit for him to wear.

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“I think this cover is not cool. Because the visor ends up almost in the middle of Roscoe’s eyes, making it difficult for him to see properly,” replied one fan to the video.

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“Hazmat suit looks mad uncomfy though. In yellow he looks just like Rubble from Paw Patrol,” replied another fan, mocking the outfit.

Hamilton has not replied to this criticism but it is clear that he did not put the outfit on Roscoe with any intentions to make the dog uncomfortable.

The Brit shares a very close bond with his dog, who accompanies him all around the world, truly serving him as man’s best friend.