Lewis Hamilton ‘grateful to still be alive’ after almost ‘breaking his back’

Sir Lewis Hamilton retired from the Belgian Grand Prix after making contact with Fernando Alonso on the first lap.

Sir Lewis Hamilton said that he almost broke his back on the way down from his collision with Fernando Alonso at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The seven-time champion started fourth, one position behind the Spaniard, and cleared him at the start of the race.

The double world champion was not done with his former team-mate yet though, and he got back down the inside heading into Les Combes later in the lap.

Sadly, Hamilton did not see Alonso in his wing mirror, and turned into the apex, only to find an Alpine front wing in the way.

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That sent him up into the air and out of the race, with the car coming down to earth heavily after catching so much air that it looked as though he might flip upside down.

Thankfully, he did not, but the Briton did end up out of the race, terminating what had already been a tough weekend.

Hamilton was aware that the contact with the track was going to cause a lot of damage when his car came back down.

“Well, yeah, I almost broke my back coming down so it’s a big, big hit,” he said.

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“I remember just looking at the ground, so it was quite high. 

“It was definitely high up, I’m grateful to be still alive and in shape.

“I could hear something was broken in the gearbox ao yeah, I mean, coming down I would have broken so much in the back end, so I was told to stop. 

“But obviously in that moment you’re hopeful you can keep going, but yeah, not meant to be.”

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Alonso went on to finish the race fifth, while team-mate Esteban Ocon recovered from a grid penalty to end up seventh.

The other Mercedes of George Russell took fourth, bringing home a decent result for the Silver Arrows having been two seconds off the pace of Max Verstappen in qualifying.

The Dutchman took a grid drop of his own, but went on to win the race from 14th on the grid.