Lewis Hamilton downplays Mercedes upgrade

Lewis Hamilton hopes incremental changes will help Mercedes crack Red Bull’s dominant streak.

As Mercedes aims to regain lost ground against their rivals, Lewis Hamilton has downplayed the significance of the team’s incoming upgrade package for the British Grand Prix.

Following a major upgrade package introduced in Monaco, which marked a significant shift in the design philosophy of the W14, news of fresh upgrades has been relatively scarce. 

A challenging weekend in Austria further compounds Mercedes’ situation as they approach the British Grand Prix on the defensive.

With an impressive track record on home soil, including a recent victory in 2021 following a memorable clash with title rival Max Verstappen, Hamilton addressed the media ahead of the highly anticipated race. 

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He discussed the team’s latest developments, stating, “So we have a new front wing. So it’s just one step hopefully further in the right direction. 

“It’s not a huge, huge package or anything like that, but we’re just making step by step, hopefully trying to close down the gap.”

Reflecting on the difficulties faced in Austria, where he received multiple time penalties for exceeding track limits, Hamilton emphasised the learning opportunities from such challenging moments. 

He shared, “Obviously, Austria was not a nice weekend for us all, but that’s where we learn the most [and] that’s when we pull together the most as a team. 

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“So I was in the factory Tuesday, Wednesday with the team, and everyone’s back in, flat out, focused on turning that negative into a positive here this weekend.”

Hamilton’s words underscore the team’s determination to bounce back and overcome the setbacks they encountered in Austria. 

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The reigning champion’s involvement in the factory activities further exemplifies the collective effort to rectify the issues and maximise performance at the British Grand Prix.

Mercedes’ upgrade package, although not described as a significant overhaul, represents incremental progress towards closing the gap to their competitors. 

Hamilton’s cautious optimism indicates that the team is aware of the challenges they face and is committed to continuous improvement.