Lewis Hamilton ‘didn’t even bother’ to fight Max Verstappen

When his DRS was active Max Verstappen boasted a 33-34km/h speed advantage in Saudi Arabia, allowing him to breeze through the field.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton was in shock after last weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, with the Mercedes driver having had absolutely no idea how he was overtaken so easily by Max Verstappen.

Hamilton was overtaken ridiculously easily by Verstappen, as the reigning World Champion successfully recovered to second place, having started from 15th.

Verstappen’s 2021 rival noted his “serious speed” and how he had no clue what Red Bull were doing to achieve it, with the Austrians having been 33-34 km/h faster down the start/finish straight at times.

“I don’t know why or how, but he came past me with serious speed,” Hamilton said after the race.

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Hamilton went on to explain that Red Bull’s RB19 is the “fastest car I’ve seen” in the history of Formula 1, with the 38-year-old believing that the Austrians have a greater advantage now than Mercedes ever did from 2014-2021.

He added that he “didn’t even bother to block” Verstappen due to the significant speed difference, highlighting just how remarkable a job the Milton Keynes-based side have done.

“I’ve definitely never seen a car so fast,” explained Hamilton when asked by media, including RacingNews365.com.

“When we were fast, we weren’t that fast. That’s the fastest car I’ve seen, especially compared to the rest. I don’t know why or how but he [Verstappen] came past me with serious speed.

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“I didn’t even bother to block because there was a massive speed difference.

“I can’t question [the legality of the Red Bull], they’ve done a better job.”

In order to achieve the sensational top-speed, The Race’s Gary Anderson believes Red Bull have taken their ‘aggressive beam wing design’ up another notch, with the outfit having managed to reduce their drag.

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He noted that Red Bull’s sensational top-speed is due to somewhat of a ‘triple DRS’, with Adrian Newey having designed yet another unbelievable race car.

Red Bull’s chief technology officer has clearly gained a better understanding of the new aerodynamic regulations that any other side, with Mercedes last season having typically struggled at the low-downforce circuits.

The Austrians have proven again this season already that they have a car that can perform at two completely different circuits, with the Bahrain International Circuit and the Jeddah Corniche Circuit having incredibly different characteristics.