Lewis Hamilton bringing style to Formula 1

Sir Lewis Hamilton is always noticeable at races due to his often outlandish outfits.

Sir Lewis Hamilton grabs people’s attention for a multitude of different reasons.

The most obvious is his undeniable racing talent, another being his heroic activism, helping the people of Ukraine, donating money to various charitable causes, and campaigning for equality, social justice and ecological awareness.

He also stands out for his fascinating outfits; plenty of which he has worn to Formula 1 races over recent years.

The seven-time champion does, of course, have many passions away from the day job, one of which being music, another being fashion.

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He can often be seen sporting some quirky numbers at galas and racetracks alike, and we have seen some very nice-looking ones indeed from Hamilton.

Just last weekend, he showed up at the Belgian Grand Prix with a pink, knitted outfit, complete with a floral balaclava that looked apt for the cold conditions the drivers were racing in during the weekend.

He wore a sharp red outfit on Sunday ahead of the race, which sadly ended early for the 37-year-old after his crash for Fernando Alonso.

Before that in Hungary, he donned a grooved, orange top as well as grooved black trousers, and on his finger was a Cartier ring, estimated by the Express to be worth over £4,000.

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Blue has also been a frequent colour of choice for Hamilton, having worn a knitted jumper, a knitted hat, and baggy trousers ahead of the British Grand Prix.

In Istanbul last year, the 103-time race winner arrived with a magnificent blue kilt, but he pulls off purple and pink just as well.

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This was evidenced by a beautiful purple outfit in Austria last year, and a hot pink blazer and trousers the year before in Mugello.

Terrific shirts and suits have also been a feature of the Briton’s impressive looks, one of which was a newspaper inspired design at the Eifel Grand Prix in 2020.

Hamilton has been daring and trailblazing with his outfits in the last few years, and we cannot wait to see what he has in store at this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix.