Lewis Hamilton breaks silence on Felipe Massa lawsuit

Lewis Hamilton has reacted to Felipe Massa going after his 2008 Formula 1 world championship.

Lewis Hamilton has chosen to remain detached from the ongoing legal developments concerning Felipe Massa’s pursuit of justice over the contentious 2008 season. 

The former Ferrari driver’s legal efforts have been ignited by revelations from Bernie Ecclestone that he and Max Mosley were aware of Nelson Piquet Jr’s deliberate crash during that race, prompting questions about the race’s validity.

The race in question saw Massa leading before a pit stop mishap, induced by Piquet’s orchestrated crash, led to his disqualification from the points as Hamilton secured the championship by a narrow margin of one point. 

While Massa’s legal representatives aren’t seeking to alter race results, they are exploring avenues for financial compensation to address potential losses in bonuses, earnings, and sponsorships.

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However, Hamilton, now a seven-time World Champion, has expressed his detachment from the matter. 

Speaking to the media, he stated, “I’m really just focused on here and now. 

“[I’m] helping a team get back in the championship race and am not really focused on what happened 15 years ago.”

Hamilton’s championship victory in 2008 hinged on a dramatic final lap during the Brazilian Grand Prix, where he overtook Timo Glock’s Toyota at the last corner. 

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As the ongoing legal battle unfolds, Hamilton remains committed to his current priorities, focusing on his role in propelling his team back into contention for the championship.

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Addressing inquiries about his contract negotiations, Hamilton maintained his succinct approach. 

The talks between his representatives and the Mercedes team have been a key point of discussion throughout the year, with both sides eager to establish new terms. 

However, when asked about any updates regarding the negotiations, Hamilton provided a straightforward response: “No.”