Lewis Hamilton angers London neighbours with ‘pruning’ plans

Lewis Hamilton owns properties in London, New York and Monaco, allowing him to base himself in whatever part of the world he needs to be.

Being the joint-most successful Formula 1 driver comes with its financial benefits, with Lewis Hamilton reportedly amassing a fortune of £300m and a knighthood as a part of his seven-time championship winning career.

The 38-year-old earns a massive salary from Mercedes but his endorsement deals with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Monster Energy contribute a large amount to his fortunes.

Hamilton owns three properties across the globe, with his townhouse in Kensington being joined by a property in Monaco and a penthouse in New York.

With a large portion of the F1 season taking place in Europe, a property in Monaco makes sense, as does the New York penthouse following the announcement that the USA will host three races this year.

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It is Hamilton’s £18m London townhouse that the Brit is currently looking to work on, with 20 different projects having been pitched to the council and completed in recent years.

These projects include the addition of huge metal security gates and the renovation of a summer house out the back of the property.

While some of these planning permission applications have angered Hamilton’s neighbours, nothing has upset them quite as much as the 38-year-old’s latest plan.

Hamilton reportedly wishes to ‘prune’ two giant poplar trees that are is his garden, meaning that they will be trimmed and any dead branches will be removed.

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The council have stated that their only issue with this project surrounds the noise disturbance, telling the Brit that no work can be completed on a Sunday and that Saturday work should be avoided wherever possible.

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It is not the noise that concerns Hamilton’s neighbours together, with the heritage of the trees leading those living nearby to believe that they should be left alone entirely.

One neighbour has said the twin poplar trees are “magnificent” and “heritage trees” that can are easily identifiable upon approach to Heathrow.

The locals have attempted to stop Hamilton from moving forward with these plans, however the Brit has triumphed in this legal battle and will be allowed to go ahead with the pruning of the trees.