Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso ranked low by F1 grid

Young blood prevailed in the latest Grill the Grid challenge, as fans were treated to a new video to keep them entertained during the summer break.

In a surprising turn of events, seasoned Formula 1 racers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso recently experienced an unexpected ranking in the realm of motorsports trivia. 

The current generation of Formula 1 drivers engaged in a lighthearted yet revealing challenge named ‘Grill the Grid,’ leading to some unforeseen results that left both Hamilton and Alonso at the tail end of the pecking order.

Amidst their demanding schedules, both Hamilton, 38, and Alonso, 42, enthusiastically participated in F1’s beloved quiz series, which required them to arrange their fellow drivers according to their ages. 

The task mandated placing the youngest contenders atop the list and the elder statesmen at the bottom, creating a unique benchmark of experience within the grid.

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Surprisingly, it was the established figures of Hamilton and Alonso who found themselves in the unanticipated position of being the eldest on the grid. 

The quiz’s outcome juxtaposed the norm on the racetrack, as McLaren’s 22-year-old rising star, Oscar Piastri, emerged as the leader of this age-based ranking.

Piastri’s emergence as a standout talent, two decades junior to Alonso who pilots for Aston Martin, accentuated the ongoing transition in Formula 1 towards a new generation of drivers.

Despite his placement at the bottom of this particular list, Alonso can take solace in his competitive spirit and impressive performance. 

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As the most senior driver on the grid, Alonso continues to exhibit his prowess, securing an impressive P3 in the Drivers’ Standings as the sport heads into its mid-season break.

His association with Aston Martin has sparked a career renaissance, allowing him to triumphantly return to the podium after a lacklustre 2022 season under the Alpine banner.

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On the flip side, Piastri’s position as the youngest competitor has not hindered his foray into Formula 1. 

Throughout the season, he has showcased his mettle through noteworthy achievements, including a commendable P2 finish in the Sprint at Spa and a respectable 4th place in the British Grand Prix. 

These feats highlight the burgeoning talent that this young driver brings to the forefront of the sport.