Lewis Hamilton admits he tried to put on unusual present from Japanese fan

Lewis Hamilton is approaching his 17th season at the pinnacle of motorsport, having made his debut in 2007.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has revealed what he would tell a younger version of himself, with the main message he’d give a nine-year-old Lewis being to “just never give up”.

Hamilton made the comments during an appearance on one of Mercedes’ sponsors YouTube channels, with the 103-time Grand Prix winner having also shared some of the gifts he’s received from his fans across the world.

Given that he is statistically the most-decorated Formula 1 driver of all-time, it would come as no shock that he’s received his fair share of gifts across his 16-year career at the pinnacle of motorsport.

However, one gift in particular stands out for the 38-year-old, a pair of “Japanese boxer shorts”.

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“I’ve had kisses on my cheeks. I’ve had hugs,” he told a Petronas YouTube video.

“A fan gave me a pair of these Japanese boxer shorts, they were so tiny.

“I was [thinking] maybe they’re the kids ones or something. And so I thought it’d be funny to try it on but, yeah, I couldn’t get them on.”

After discussing the silly matter, Hamilton was asked what advice he’d give himself if he was able to talk to himself at nine years old.

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The main message that Hamilton would get across would be to “never give up”, with an emphasis also on not taking “notice of bullies”.

“I would have just told him all the things my dad probably already told me, just never give up,” Hamilton said.

“Keep your head up. Don’t take any notice of bullies, don’t let them bring you down. Just always keep your head up,” he added.

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Hamilton will be hoping to bounce back in 2023 after a disastrous 2022 campaign, where the Mercedes star failed to claim either a pole position or a victory.

It was the first F1 season in his career where he failed to claim either, with the driver having also slumped to sixth in the Drivers’ Championship.

This too was an all-time low for Hamilton; however, many are expecting him to return to the front in 2023, if Mercedes can offer the veteran a solid package.