Lewis Hamilton accused of making Red Bull ‘joke’

Lewis Hamilton has been under fire in recent weeks, with a proposal floated by him being slammed.

Lewis Hamilton has come under fire for his proposed F1 rule changes, with some suggesting he was being absurdly unrealistic.

Hamilton has said that all F1 teams should be banned from working on next season’s car until later in the summer.

The British driver believes this would stop dominant teams, such as Red Bull, from having the advantage they do.

The seven-time world champion made these comments after Red Bull principal, Christian Horner, admitted resources were already being applied to next season’s RB20 model.

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F1 analyst, Peter Windsor, slammed the idea – saying it would have the sole aim of punishing Red Bull.

He even went so far as to say Hamilton probably meant it as a barbed joke.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Windsor stated: “I think it was a joke to upset Red Bull.

“It must be. If Hamilton meant that, it really was the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard.

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“Just because one team is doing so well, they can focus on the next year. And that’s with a budget cap.

“Without [the cap], they might not even have started working on the next car.”

Hamilton has called for more competitiveness in F1, which tends to see one team dominating for an era.

Hamilton and Mercedes enjoyed this era from 2014-2020 and Red Bull has been completely dominant since 2021.

Red Bull has won every single race so far this season, with Max Verstappen taking eight pole positions and Sergio Perez claiming two wins.

Speaking ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, Hamilton said: “I think the FIA should probably put a time when everyone is allowed to start developing next year’s car.”

Hamilton was slammed with time penalties in this race and finished a disappointing eighth place.

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Verstappen won the Austrian GP and his teammate Perez claimed third place.

The Dutchman is now closing in on his third world title with an almost 100-point advantage over Perez.

Verstappen has over 50 more points than Mercedes drivers George Russell and Hamilton combined – this may explain Hamilton’s frustration.