Lawrence Stroll rushes to his son’s defence

Lance Stroll’s season is in the spotlight amid a string of challenging performances that have left him far behind his teammate.

Aston Martin’s Formula 1 team has faced a tumultuous season, dropping from second to fourth in the championship standings since the campaign’s inception. 

As the team’s fortunes wane and their lead over competitors like McLaren narrows, the performance of Lance Stroll, the owner’s son, has come under scrutiny. 

Stroll’s contributions have accounted for just 47 of the team’s 230 points this season, but team owner Lawrence Stroll remains supportive of his son, emphasising the challenges and misfortune that have impacted his performance.

Lawrence Stroll acknowledged that Lance began the season at a disadvantage, dealing with the significant obstacle of two broken wrists during the first half-dozen races. 

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Despite these challenges, Lawrence praised his son’s resilience and labeled his efforts as “heroic.” 

In addition, he pointed out the unfortunate streak of bad luck that has plagued Lance’s campaign.

“He’s had nine retirements due to engine failures or a rear-wing failure at Suzuka,” Lawrence Stroll told Sky. 

“Half of the races, it hasn’t been anything to do with his own abilities; he has just had a lot of bad luck, sadly.”

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The growing scrutiny of Lance Stroll’s position within the Aston Martin team has been amplified by his less-than-ideal performances. 

This scrutiny has been further exacerbated by the contrasting results of his teammate, Fernando Alonso, who currently sits fourth in the drivers’ championship, six places ahead of Stroll.

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Recent reports have even linked Yuki Tsunoda with a potential move to Aston Martin, should Lance Stroll depart from the team. 

Tsunoda, a 23-year-old driver, is highly regarded within the Formula 1 community, adding to the speculation surrounding Stroll’s future with the team. 

The ongoing questions about his tenure at Aston Martin will persist if Stroll’s performance doesn’t show improvement over the five remaining races of the season.