Lawrence Stroll refuses to give in amid dispute

Aston Martin team owner Lawrence Stroll is refusing to give in amid a very public standoff in Formula 1.

Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll remains against the addition of Andretti into Formula 1, with the American company having been given permission by the FIA to become an 11th team.

Andretti are the only team to have been accepted by the governing body; however, the final decision as to whether they’ll join the grid or not will be made by F1 themselves.

The vast majority of the teams are believed to be against Andretti’s entry, over fears that it’ll reduce the amount of money they receive from the prize fund.

Andretti’s argument is that they’ll actually bring more money to the sport, although Stroll is still certain that F1 shouldn’t expand beyond the current 10 teams.

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“If it isn’t broken, you don’t need to fix it,” Stroll said in October, as reported by

“I’m a strong believer that it’s working really well with ten teams right now, and believe that’s the way it should stay,.”

Stroll recently sold an undisclosed stake in Aston Martin to Arctos Partners, who reportedly valued the Silverstone-based outfit at £1 billion.

Stroll selling a stake in the team comes at the same time as General Motors (GM) confirming that they’re planning to become an F1 powertrain supplier from 2028, after registering with the FIA.

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GM will enter the sport with Andretti from the get-go but will then power the team as well from 2028, again, should F1 give the Americans the green light.

“Our commitment to excellence will not be taken lightly as we continue planning to enter F1 as soon as possible and, in 2028, Andretti Cadillac will compete as a true American works team,” Reuss said.

“This historic partnership will accelerate the sport in the fast-growing U.S. market as well as globally,” he added.

Regardless of GM’s commitment to become a powertrain supplier, Stroll still thinks Andretti should enter F1 by buying a current team on the grid, something Audi have done.

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The German manufacturer will enter F1 in 2026, by at which point they’ll have a 75 per cent stake in Sauber, who’ll become an Audi works team.

“Look what Audi have done,” Stroll told ESPN.

“Audi wanted to come in the sport and they bought a team. The right way to come in if you want to enter the NFL today, NHL hockey or any great sports franchise is that you’ve got to buy a team.

“Then it’s just a question of money, so I do believe if they want to enter they should buy a team like others have done.”