Lawrence Stroll open to selling Aston Martin F1 Team to Audi

Audi and Porsche are expected to make a bid to enter Formula 1 by 2026.

Lawrence Stroll is open to selling the Aston Martin Formula 1 Team to Audi, and the German car brand is actively looking to purchase the Silverstone-based team.

That’s according to a fresh report by F1 Insider, which notes that Alfa Romeo Sauber and Williams Racing are other potential takeover targets for Audi, should a deal with Aston Martin fail to materialise.

Both Audi and Porsche have confirmed their interest in joining the pinnacle of motorsport, with Porsche looking keen to supply Red Bull with engines, while Audi are said to be looking to purchase one of the existing teams on the grid.

Initially, reports linked the German motoring giant with a takeover of McLaren, and recently they have been associated with the Sauber group, but it is now reported that they could be interested in making a move for Stroll’s team.

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No secret can be made of the fact that the Silverstone squad have made an awful start to 2022, and their horribly handling car under the new technical regulations has not been symbolic of a team capable of winning the championship in the next five seasons, as per Stroll’s plans.

1997 F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve recently affirmed that his compatriot cannot go about running a Formula 1 team as he would a “clothing chain” or a “watch brand” – areas in which he has made his name as a businessman – and former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher indicates that the billionaire would be interested in the transaction.

“In the end, Stroll is also a businessman and the investment would pay off like this,” he said.

“The hype surrounding Formula 1 is currently great, so it can fetch a good price.”

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Right now, it is uncertain whether Sebastian Vettel will be around to help with the transition to a new name, as his current contract expires at the end of 2022, but he maintained that “the goal is to fight for podiums and victories.”

Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko, meanwhile, is open to discussions with Porsche about a possible supply of powertrains when the Milton Keynes side’s current deal with Honda expires at the end of 2025.

“It wasn’t long ago that VW said yes. Therefore it is a logical situation for two partners like Porsche and Red Bull to enter into talks. This will happen now,” he explained.

Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas was pleased to hear that more manufacturers and car companies are interested in joining the grid, but he would like to see more teams than the 10 in existence at present.

“I think it’s great news. I think it would actually be nice to see more teams in Formula 1 at the moment,” he said.

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“There’s obviously still only 10. I remember, as a kid watching Formula 1, and the grid was much bigger and I think this makes it even more exciting. So yeah, more than welcome.”

Williams are said to be another team along with Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin that Audi are looking at, and the Grove-based outfit are currently under Dorilton Capital’s ownership after the Williams family relinquished control in 2020.