Largest Scandals in the History of F1

One or more scandals have rocked the very ideas upon which every outdoor sport is based around the world. Formula 1 is just as cutthroat as anyone would expect it to be.

Formula 1 is a sport where controversy is inevitable. The most famous Formula 1 drivers have been involved in some pretty scandalous activities.  But what major controversies have arisen during the years? Have you forgotten? Here, in one convenient article, is everything you need to jog your memory.

5 Biggest Formula 1 Scandals In History

1.    The Spy-Gate Scandal (2007)

In 2007, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari fought to the finish for the Formula 1 world championship.

The race itself was exciting, and it signified Hamilton’s arrival on the scene, but the news that Ferrari’s secret car data had been leaked to McLaren was what everyone was talking about.

It was revealed that Nigel Stepney, Director of Team Performance Development at the Scuderia, had been sharing proprietary material with McLaren’s Mike Coughlan. Both employees were found guilty in court and dismissed as a result.

McLaren was hit with a hefty fine of $100 million and exclusion from the constructors’ championship by the FIA after they were found guilty of engaging in espionage. If you can’t access the screening of this race, you can use a web VPN free extension and use it to access free content on these races anywhere in the world.

  •  Belgian Grand Prix 1981

One of the team’s mechanics was hurt before the 1981 Belgian Grand Prix began. To show their displeasure, many teams’ mechanics sat on the tracks with their drivers. Some vehicles had overheated or stalled from sitting for so long. Dave Luckett, a pit crew member, ran onto the track to assist Riccardo Patrese in reviving his vehicle.

The race was started while Patrese was still in the middle of it, leading to a disastrous outcome. Eventually, Siegfried Stohr, a teammate of Patrese’s, slammed into the back of Patrese’s stalled car, injuring Luckett in the process. He managed to pull through, despite suffering several fractures and other injuries.

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3.    Max Mosely Sex Scandal

In terms of Formula 1’s major scandals and those decided with the most famous Formula 1 drivers, the death of the FIA’s former president on May 24, 2021, ranks seventh. A video of Max Mosley in bed with many women dressed as Nazis was uncovered on the internet.

As a result, Mosley sued the shady tabloid that released the film and denied making any Nazi comments, allowing him to remain FIA president until 2009.

4.    The Crashgate Scandal – 2008

Attempting to influence the results of a race by introducing extraneous factors is, arguably, a terrible strategy. In 2008, Renault did precisely this.

A return to the stellar form the French group had shown in 2005 and 2006 seemed unlikely. As a result of Fernando Alonso’s arrival, it was no longer a title contender.

At the 2008 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, Alonso’s teammate Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed out of the race after losing control of his vehicle. Alonso’s unconventional plan to start the race with less fuel than his competitors paid off when he gained the lead and went on to win the race during the next safety car period. At the time, none of this was observed, but in 2009, a year after it had occurred, the truth would be revealed.

After Brazilian race car driver Nelson Piquet Jr. was let go from Renault in 2009, he went public with the details. In what way? Flavio Briatore, the team principal, and Pat Symonds, the Renault deputy, were found guilty. Briatore was given a lifetime sentence, and Symonds was banned for 5 years.

  • Hamilton Australian Grand Prix 2009

Another scandal involving the most famous Formula 1 drivers is this one. Lewis Hamilton, the world champion, and his old team, McLaren, were embroiled in the scandal. This dispute arose when, with a few laps remaining in the race, Jarno Trulli slid off the track while under caution, allowing Lewis Hamilton to pass him. Hamilton reportedly asked his team if he should let Trulli retake third, and they gave him the green light, according to audio records.

Hamilton, in his post-race interview, said he wasn’t given any instructions. Trulli was able to maintain third place after further research uncovered the truth. While McLaren lost all of their constructor points and Hamilton was disqualified.

Here you go, these are some of the most scandalous events to have occurred during the years and years of Formula 1 races across the globe. These drivers are glamorous and they lead a controversial lifestyle so these are bound to happen. To you, we would suggest always using a good VPN to access these races and entries for free and to enjoy this genre of sports with all the juicy details it comes with.