Lando Norris unhappy as he makes Formula 1 demand

McLaren’s Lando Norris has made a demand to Formula 1's top bosses ahead of the 2023 Hungarian GP.

Lando Norris believes that Formula 1’s schedule would be better if it was slightly reduced, following the release of next year’s calendar. 

The calendar has been expanding in recent years, with a record-breaking 24 grands prix set for next year, including the return of China and Imola. 

Norris suggests that a slightly smaller number would be more ideal for the well-being of the teams.

“I’d say 24 is a lot. If I had to put like a perfect number, I would say it’s probably closer to 20,” Norris said. 

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He expressed concern about the strain on the mechanics, engineers, and all those who travel extensively for the races. 

Norris emphasised the importance of considering the impact on their personal lives and families.

“There are too many tracks, there’s a lot of tracks that people want to go to,” Norris added. 

“Like 20 is a good number, also for the lives of mechanics, engineers, everyone that travels, they’re away from their families, kids and so on, for so many days, more days than us as drivers are away, so it’s tougher for them. I think when we talk about things, we must speak more as voices for those people than probably for ourselves.”

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Norris proposed a model of rotating tracks, allowing different venues to feature in different years. This would enable Formula 1 to visit desired locations while maintaining a manageable schedule. However, the decision-making process must consider the feasibility of accommodating all the desired tracks.

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While acknowledging the slight re-arrangement in next year’s schedule, including Japan moving to April and Azerbaijan slotted into September, Norris recognised that it remains a challenging and lengthy calendar. 

He commended the efforts to improve the organisation of the calendar but reiterated the need to prioritise the well-being of all Formula 1 personnel.

“As long as they keep trying to improve it and do better, but I’d say 20 is a better number for everyone, just for the health and everything of all of the Formula 1 people,” Norris concluded.