Lando Norris reveals group icon of F1 drivers’ WhatsApp chat

Lando Norris has revealed that every member of the Grand Prix Drivers Association is part of a WhatsApp group.

Formula 1 is a bizarre sport in terms of rivalry, as the majority of drivers are good friends away from the track despite their bitter rivalry on it.

This was proven at the end of last season, when Lewis Hamilton treated the entire grid to a meal in Abu Dhabi to celebrate the retirement of the legendary Sebastian Vettel.

Many drivers spoke to the media after the meal and admitted that it was nice to have an evening away from the track to tell stories and laugh without the pressures of Formula 1.

Lando Norris has now revealed all of the F1 drivers are in a WhatsApp group together, along with other members of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association.

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The admins of the group are understandably Sebastian Vettel and GPDA president Alexander Wurz, as well as Norris himself slightly more bizarrely.

It has rumoured that a group of such nature exists after former Haas driver Nikita Mazepin revealed that he was kicked from a WhatsApp group the second he was sacked the team.

When speaking to the Fast and the Curious podcast, Norris gave a small insight into what sort of things are discussed in this extremely exclusive group chat.

“It’s not so much like a ‘Hey we’re all mates, let’s chat’, it’s a lot more for talking about things that can help us as drivers like rules and regulations,” said the McLaren driver.

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“F1 Driver Chat. It’s got James Hunt as the group photo.

“Happy New Year’s, Happy New Year’s. We are all chatting working together coming up with new ideas. We’ve got Esteban [Ocon], Zhou [Guanyu], Alex [Wurz]. Everyone chats in it. I can’t find any memes!”

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Norris has also comedically revealed that despite the flood of drivers messaging the group to wish each other a Happy New Year, not a single driver used the chat to wish Mercedes driver George Russell a happy birthday last month.

Alex Wurz has recently spoken about the GPDA and revealed that their meeting are often fascinating, with every driver coming together to chat in private.

While Wurz has said that he would love to publicise these meeting for the fans to see, he has said that this is unlikely to happen to respect the privacy of the drivers.