Lando Norris Pokes Fun At Sebastian Vettel & Alex Albon

The McLaren driver jokingly pointed to Vettel and Albon struggling against their respective team-mates this season.

Sky Sports F1 arranged a virtual quiz with George Russell, Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc and Alex Albon in late October which consisted of the drivers being asked questions about one another.

During the quiz, aptly called “The Twitch Quartet Quiz,” Lando Norris poked fun at Sebastian Vettel and Alex Albon by pointing to the fact they’ve been comprehensively outpaced by their respective team-mates this year.

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Specifically, Norris interrupted the presenter while she was asking a question.

“Two people are driving exactly the same make of car. One is travelling at 60mph, the other is travelling at 40mph,” the quiz master said before being interrupted by Norris, who blurted: “Charles and Seb!”

Continuing, the McLaren driver said: “Sorry, I was gonna say Max and Alex but it felt harsh,” prompting laughter from the other drivers.

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