Lando Norris: ‘Little did I know Lewis would still be here’

Lando Norris' podium at the 2023 British GP was the sixth of his F1 career.

Lando Norris claimed what is perhaps the most special podium of his Formula 1 career so far on Sunday, at the British Grand Prix.

Norris was cheered on by a record 160,000 fans on Sunday, as he finished in second behind reigning World Champion Max Verstappen.

For a brief moment in the early stages of the race, it looked like Norris could even win the race, as he overtook Verstappen on the opening lap.

Starting from second, Norris made an exceptional start and led into the opening corner, resulting in a huge roar from the incredible British crowd.

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Norris was ultimately overtaken by Verstappen a few laps later, once DRS was enabled.

Despite being overtaken by the two-time World Champion, the British driver looked very comfortable in second, where he remained for the rest of the race at the Silverstone International Circuit.

What made the podium even more special for Norris, was that he wasn’t the only Brit in the top three.

Lewis Hamilton recovered from seventh to finish third, something which saw him stand on the British GP podium for a 14th time.

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Walking out onto the podium at Silverstone is certainly something Norris will never forget, as he was serenaded by chants of his name.

“It’s pretty special to be in that position,” Norris said after the race, as reported by BBC Sport.

The usually calm character admitted that his heart was “racing” more than usual at the start of the race, given that he knew ahead of the afternoon that he had a car good enough to fight for a podium.

“My heart was racing a bit more than normal,” Norris said, “and I was watching the crowd.”

Norris will certainly remember the 2023 British GP for the rest of his life, given that he also led in front of his home crowd.

That moment, along with the fact he claimed a podium, meant an incredible amount to the McLaren driver, who reflected on his journey to getting to F1 after his brilliant accomplishment.

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“I was seven,” Norris said, recalled.

“It is what made me want to be a racing driver. Little did I know Lewis would still be here 15 years later and still going strong. It’s an honour to be able to race with these drivers who have created history and be some of the best drivers ever to come through F1.

“I want to be someone who can join in and create some of my own history. It’s an honour and a privilege and exciting at the same time.”