Lando Norris issues apology

Lando Norris has enjoyed an upturn in form, following McLaren introducing several significant upgrades.

Lando Norris’ famous champagne celebration went wrong in Budapest, where he smashed Max Verstappen’s trophy during the podium celebration.

He put his hand to his mouth and apologised straight away to the Dutchman, who immediately seemed to find humour in the situation.

Speaking ahead of the Belgian GP, Norris reiterated his apology to Verstappen and Hungary.

Norris said: “I had no intention of doing such a thing.

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“Obviously, I know how much it means to the Hungarians and it’s part of their culture.”

This is a point that Red Bull team advisor, Helmut Marko, was keen to make to Verstappen.

Marko commented: “The Hungarians are famous for their love for valuable porcelain. Even in my day, there were beautiful bowls and vases.

“The copy of the trophy is coming to us at the factory, and I’ll teach Max to appreciate the original that he’s getting replaced.”

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Norris was insistent that he had no ill intentions.

“Of course, I want to enjoy the time, it was never my intention to do such a thing.

“I did apologise to Max and make a couple of jokes about it.”

Although Verstappen did not seem aggrieved by the incident, Norris acknowledges it was a bad misjudgement.

The British driver remarked: “If he did it to my trophy, I would be annoyed. I do apologise for it – to the people who put time and effort into making it.

“I really didn’t mean for it to happen so I’ll make sure I’m more careful next time while celebrating.”

However, when asked by media sources if this incident would make him change his celebration, Norris gave a cheeky answer.

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Norris said: “I want to say no. There’s no reason why I should. I’ll just take a little more care with what I do and move the trophies aside.”

Lando Norris claimed his second consecutive finish behind the dominant Dutchman, this time tailing him by +33.731s.

It was far closer at the British Grand Prix on July 9th, when Norris finished only +3.798s behind Verstappen.