Lando Norris growing frustrated with McLaren as Red Bull circle

McLaren took a sizeable step backwards in 2022, with the side having struggled to adjust to the new aerodynamic regulations.

2022 was a difficult season for Lando Norris, with the British driver feeling the “furthest away from what I want”.

It comes on the back of a challenging year for McLaren, where the Woking-based side returned very much to the midfield.

The start of the new aerodynamic regulations hasn’t been the kindest to the British side, following three years of moving closer to the frontrunners.

2021 was particularly strong for McLaren and was Norris’ best season in F1 by far.

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In 2021, Norris claimed four podiums, three more than he achieved in 2022.

The 23-year-old’s podium at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was his only rostrum of the season, with the Brit having been the only midfield driver to claim a podium in 2022.

For the majority of the year, Norris found himself battling for seventh, which was actually the spot he ended the year in.

Claiming the ‘best of the rest’ spot is still a commendable achievement for the British driver; however, he understandably wants more.

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Looking back on the year, Norris admits that the car in 2022 didn’t suit him, with him having spent the vast majority of the season uncomfortable.

“This year has been the furthest away from what I want,” revealed Norris.

“Last year was maybe a middle ground, this year we got further away from driving the car I feel like I want to drive or would suit me the most.

“At the end of the day, I always say give me the quickest car and I feel like I will be able to drive that rather than driving one that does suit me. It is easy to make a car that suits me but is not always quick.

“So just being comfortable in the car, I think I have spoken about it before, it is the driver’s job to adapt to the car they have rather than the car adapting to the driver.

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“So as long they make the car as fast as possible, I am happy to drive whatever it is, it is better to be quicker than comfortable.

McLaren will be hoping to offer Norris a better package in 2023, with the team needing to keep Norris happy in order to retain his services beyond 2025.

He was linked to Red Bull prior to signing his long-term deal with McLaren at the start of the season, with the likes of Mercedes presumably also set to be interested in Norris when Lewis Hamilton finally opts to retire from F1.