Lando Norris delivers health update ahead of Abu Dhabi GP

Lando Norris was sent to hospital for precautionary checks last weekend following his big crash in Las Vegas.

Ahead of this weekend’s season finale, Lando Norris has confirmed that he is absolutely fine, following his heavy crash in last weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Norris was taken to hospital for precautionary checks after crashing in the opening laps in Sin City, with him having been seen shaking in the cockpit.

The McLaren driver hit a bump awkwardly whilst on cold tyres which caused his MCL60 to snap on him, sending him backwards into one wall before he spun back around and hit another head-on.

The second impact in particular was a heavy one, leaving him winded.

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It was an odd crash given just how aggressively his car snapped on him, especially as the particular bump hadn’t caused any issues throughout the event.

Norris admitted that he was just a “little bit unlucky” but that he potentially hit the bump at a “worse angle than normal”.

“The obvious [reason] being there’s quite a big bump [at the corner],” Norris said to the press, as reported by

“Then cool tyres so therefore lower ride-heights than what you are normally running with. The first time following a lot of cars through all of this, you have a lot less downforce than what you already have.

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“And then a couple of other little things in the background that just made this bump have a bigger effect than what it normally would. I think somehow I must have caught it at a worse angle than normal.

“I always knew there was a bump there but just for some reason the effect was a lot bigger than what it had done previously. So just a little bit unlucky at the same time.”

With driver safety being as critical as it is, Norris was taken to hospital but was thankfully discharged in rapid fashion.

However, his health was still a concern on social media, after an image of him heavily strapped up in hospital circulated.

He’s stressed ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, though, that he was “never bad”, despite the fact it was a “decent impact”.

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“Honestly, I was never bad, they just wanted to do a lot of check-ups and stuff – kind of the new norm nowadays, it seems,” Norris said.

“But I was fine. Obviously I was winded, that’s probably what you heard on the radio and stuff when I had the impact and it just kind of caught me off guard a little bit, and it happened quite quickly.

“Still a decent impact, but I was fine. I never struggled with anything. I was more just frustrated that I was out of the race in Vegas so early on.”