Lando Norris blasts rude reporter in televised exchange

British driver Lando Norris defended a Brazilian journalist after being confronted by a fellow reporter during media duties.

Lando Norris found himself in an uncomfortable situation during a media session leading up to the Austrian Grand Prix. 

As the British driver aimed to bounce back from disappointing races in Spain and Canada, he engaged in a tense exchange with an unidentified reporter who questioned his honesty. 

The incident, which garnered attention on social media, showcased Norris’ quick wit and support for a renowned journalist.

The media session took place on Thursday, just ahead of the race weekend at the Red Bull Ring. 

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Despite the pressure to perform well, Norris maintained a positive attitude while interacting with reporters. 

The main focus of discussions revolved around McLaren’s car upgrades, which had stirred curiosity among journalists prior to Friday’s qualifying session.

During the session, experienced Brazilian television reporter Mariana Becker took the opportunity to inquire about the impact of the car improvements on Norris’ performance. 

“How is it going to work with you to test everything, and do you think it will be a game changer?” Becker asked

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Appreciating the question, Norris responded with a smile, stating: “Good question, you ask the best questions here, well done.”

However, the atmosphere quickly turned awkward when another male reporter challenged Norris’ response, exclaiming: “You are one hell of a liar!”

Taken aback by the comment, both Norris and Becker seemed surprised. 

Responding swiftly, Norris confronted the reporter, 

“I’m not. Woah. Who are you?” attempting to defend his integrity,” the McLaren driver said.

He quickly followed up by reasserting, “No, I’m telling the truth.”

The exchange was captured on video and subsequently shared on social media platforms, where fans rallied behind Norris and commended him for his response. 

Lando Norris Fans, a popular Twitter account dedicated to the driver, uploaded the video with a comment that read, “Lando defended Mariana Becker from another rude reporter in the media pen today… no words.”

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Supportive fans were quick to react, praising Norris for his handling of the situation. 

One fan replied, “Good on Lando here; that’s a very awkward situation to be put in, but he handled it well… the other reporter should be ashamed.” 

Another supporter of Norris added, “Lando is such a good person. Always defending people who can’t defend themselves!!!”