Lando Norris baffled by Oscar Piastri’s ‘shoe thongs’

Lando Norris was shocked by a comment his McLaren team-mate Oscar Piastri made.

Lando Norris has been left completely baffled by rookie team-mate Oscar Piastri, following a comment made during a recent video for McLaren’s social media accounts.

The pair were filming a segment during the recent Belgian Grand Prix, where Piastri claimed his first Formula 1 podium, sort of.

In the film, Norris and Piastri can be seen talking, before the Australian mentioned shoe thongs.

“What the hell are shoe thongs?” Norris asked, to which Piastri tried to explain what he meant.

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Despite explaining what a shoe thing was, Norris continued to make fun of his team-mate.

Norris then added: “I don’t know of any other thongs. You’re really confusing people here. They’re picturing you in a thong right now.”

“That’s why I specified the shoe.” Piastri said.

“No one knows what a shoe thong is mate. They’re picturing you…Like you pop up, in a thong! With thongs over your feet!” joked Norris, resulting in both drivers laughing.

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It turns out shoe thongs are what Australians call flip-flops, due to the V-shape.

Norris jokingly labelled the word as “interesting”, with their squabble having now spilled onto their own social media accounts.

In preparation for the summer break, Piastri tweeted a photo of him on a beach wearing trainers, alongside the caption: “Perfect place for things, @LandoNorris.”

Piastri also posted a photo of his very own flip-flops, or shoe thongs, in the comments, with the caption: “Prepared for next time.”

Norris is yet to respond to Piastri.

The McLaren duo entered the summer break following a very mixed weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, where as mentioned, Piastri sort of claimed his first rostrum.

Piastri did brilliantly to finish second in the sprint race, which he actually led momentarily before being overtaken by reigning World Champion Max Verstappen.

The Aussie’s actual race though, was effectively over at Turn 1.

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Piastri and Carlos Sainz collided at the opening corner, causing too much damage to his McLaren.

For Norris, the British driver claimed fifth in the wet sprint race before securing seventh in the main race, which was predominantly dry.

McLaren looked much stronger in the wet than they did in the dry conditions, with their top speed having hurt them down the Kemmel Straight.