Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri reveal hidden talents

Oscar Piastri has been pushing Lando Norris hard at McLaren this year, after replacing Daniel Ricciardo.

Lando Norris, Oscar Piastri and McLaren CEO Zak Brown have all revealed something they’re good at apart from their jobs, with all three unsurprisingly having another talent in the world of sport.

The trio were guests on Virgin Radio’s breakfast show recently, hosted by Chris Evans.

Their appearance came ahead of this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix, where McLaren will be hoping to continue their recent fine form.

McLaren have claimed two podiums in the last three podiums courtesy of Norris, whilst Piastri claimed second in the Belgian Grand Prix sprint.

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The Woking-based side have made real progress since introducing a large upgrades package at the Austrian Grand Prix, which has promoted the team to second or third in the pecking order.

Everything is very much going in a great direction for Norris, Piastri and Brown, who were quizzed about their talents away from F1 by Evans.

“Really not many things at all!” said Norris, before insisting that even his golfing skills aren’t great.

“I’m not that good. I’m okay, I can have a good game. But I’m getting better,” admitted the Briton.

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Incredibly, when asked for his most memorable round of golf, Norris revealed that it was with Brown at the home of The Masters

“I’ll say with Zak Brown! Augusta National.”

Whilst Norris and Brown are keen golfers, Piastri prefers tennis and cricket.

“I’m no good at golf,” Piastri noted. “I can at least hit a tennis ball back over the net. I played yesterday and I got smashed, so I’m not going to say that!”

He added: “I’m okay with Cricket.”

Whilst golf might not be his thing, racing remote control cars is.

Piastri revealed on the show that he won a championship in Australia when he was just a child, suggesting that he’s always been used to winning.

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“If we’re counting that then, yeah, that works. I was pretty handy at that, actually,” Piastri said.

“I won an Australian championship when I was… I think I was nine years old.”

When Brown revealed his talents, the American said that he was good at baseball, or as he calls it: “It’s a good version of cricket!”