Lando Norris: a new F1 star with a plethora of hobbies

Another of Norris’ interests, which ties into his love of artistry, is fashion.

What could be as exhilarating as flying around a racetrack at 160kph? We’d be hard-pressed to come up with an answer! Formula One is a sport with fans all around the world, and it’s easy to understand why. From the expensive cars to the talented drivers and the speed that comes with the races, it is a dynamic and engaging sport.

The industry is prone to the rapid rise of stars, with Lando Norris being one of the most recent. In this article, we’ll explore Norris’ unusual journey into Formula One as well as some of his hobbies and interests outside of racing.

What is Formula One?

First originating in the early 1900s, Formula One (F1) racing is a prestigious event that is held each year in various locations across the world. The best drivers in the industry vie for a spot in Formula One, a team motorsport that takes place over the course of multiple Grand Prix races. Teams can consist of hundreds of people ranging from drivers and designers to engineers and mechanics. The industry is worth billions, and the average F1 car is truly a work of art and worth roughly £15m. This high price tag is due to the fact that each car is built and designed from scratch by the respective teams.

Teams are formed around specific types of vehicles, with the most popular and competitive teams including Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin and McLaren. Norris belongs to the McLaren team and has quickly become one of the most renowned of its drivers.

Brief biography

Born in Bristol, England, on 13th November 1999, Lando Norris is one of the youngest drivers to drive for McLaren. He was ‘on their books’ for at least two years before his F1 debut in 2019, as many young athletes are. Norris took the industry by storm, with his junior career starting off strong. By 2021, he was firmly part of F1’s top tier. While new drivers finding quick success aren’t a rarity in F1, Norris’ meteoric rise certainly is. It took him just a few years to go from an unknown amateur to an industry favourite.

Given how quickly his star is rising, fans are curious about Norris’ life off the track. Outside of racing, Norris enjoys a handful of hobbies and interests.


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One of Norris’ most well-known hobbies is art. The professional driver enjoys designing and painting his own race gear, making him relatively unique in both the racing and art industries. He’s a talented artist, with eye-catching designs that are cool and crisp. This interest has partially led to the launch of Norris’ brand, with some of his own designs featuring heavily in the company’s releases.


While driving for McLaren, Norris has also shown his hand as an advocate for mental health and healthy athletic culture. He has publicly addressed his mental health and strives to be an advocate for his fanbase. After joining McLaren in 2019, he credited the mental health charity Mind for creating a harmonious and supportive atmosphere for drivers and team alike. The young driver also thanked the work of racing competitors Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel for clearing the road toward a happier and healthier motorsport.


Another of Norris’ interests, which ties into his love of artistry, is fashion. His brand focuses on simple designs with bright colours and has already attracted an audience worldwide. Fashion is an inescapable aspect of Quadrant, in fact, with the apparel created primarily with racing fans in mind.

Horse riding

One of Norris’ oldest interests is horse riding. He began riding when he was three, long before he ever even considered driving. He continues to ride today, taking time out of his busy schedule to enjoy some time in the saddle. Norris credits horseback riding with kick-starting his interest in travelling on all fours, which eventually led him to desire a high horsepower in F1. He might not have ever come close to competing for the Gold Cup on horseback, but his affection for the hobby remains strong all the same.

An athlete and an artist

Norris is one of the most popular drivers to enter F1 in recent years, and he has industry experts excited about his future. He’s definitely a driver worth staying up to date with, and we’ll tackle his rise to the top of the F1 industry with breaking news as it happens.