Lance Stroll sends DRS demand to the FIA

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix saw 23 overtakes take place, whilst 60 occurred at the recent Miami Grand Prix.

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll has called for the FIA and the drivers to talk about the DRS zones ahead of every Grand Prix, with the Canadian believing that the current issues regarding DRS are “very track dependent”.

The FIA shortened the DRS zones in Azerbaijan and in Miami without consulting the grid, something which infuriated George Russell and Charles Leclerc.

At the Baku City Circuit, the governing body shortened the main DRS zone along the 2.2km main straight by 100 metres, whereas at the Miami International Autodrome two out of the three DRS zones were shortened by 75 metres.

With following another car being incredibly difficult once again, the drivers weren’t able to get close enough in order to make use of the DRS, with them having not closed onto the back of the car in front until they reached the end of the DRS zone.

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For the past two races, it’s caused multiple DRS trains, with nobody being able to overtake.

With the sport not being in a place where DRS can be removed, shortening the activation zones is simply resulting in a reduced number of overtakes, with Stroll having called for conversations between the FIA and the drivers before each GP, so that the grid can actually “do something on Sunday”.

“I definitely think it’s something that, as a group of drivers and with the FIA, it’s important that we speak about the DRS zones at each track and give ourselves the best possible opportunity to race every weekend and pass and actually do something on Sunday,” Stroll said during a press conference in Miami.

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“I think it’s very track dependent. We go to Baku, and overtaking is a lot easier than Monaco, for example.”

With overtaking being incredibly difficult at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the DRS zone along the start/finish line will likely be where the bulk of the action will take place this weekend, should the drivers be able to run close enough through the final sector.

Red Bull are the only team who’ve not been impacted by the reduced DRS zones this season, with the RB19 boasting unbelievable speed when its rear wing is opened.