Lance Stroll reveals social media stance after controversial incident

Lance Stroll's behaviour on Friday evening in Qatar was slammed by thousands of fans on social media.

Lance Stroll has insisted that he’s “not looking at social media” during the Qatar Grand Prix this weekend, with him instead focusing on his driving.

Given the online outrage over his actions Friday evening, the Aston Martin driver not looking at social media is probably for the best, as thousands of fans have slammed his shocking behaviour.

Stroll was furious on Friday to have been eliminated in Q1 for the fourth Grand Prix in a row, something which led to an outburst of anger once his AMR23 had been pushed back into the garage.

It all started by him throwing his steering wheel out of the car, before he brushed his personal trainer aside who was purely trying to get the 24-year-old to go out the front of the garage to be weighed.

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Stroll had other ideas and wanted to go out the back of the garage, something his personal trainer tried to stop to ensure that the driver didn’t get into any trouble.

What happened next was truly unacceptable, as the Aston Martin driver appeared to aggressively push his trainer.

This was followed by a five-word interview in the media pen, to which his language had to be apologised for.

Unsurprisingly, his behaviour was massively criticised on social media, with many having called for him to be dropped.

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Stroll hasn’t see any of the online reaction to his outburst, as he’s avoiding social media.

“I’m not looking at social media,” Stroll said after Saturday’s sprint race, as quoted by The Race. “I’m in the car driving this weekend.”

The driver went onto admit that his reaction was purely out of frustration, whilst trying to process what went wrong.

“Yeah. Frustrated,” he admitted.

Sprint Saturday didn’t really go any better for Stroll, as he was eliminated in SQ1 and only recovered to 13th in the sprint race itself.

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His lack of confidence in the car is seemingly getting the better of him, with him having not progressed out of Q1 since the Dutch Grand Prix.

Stroll’s reaction wasn’t for any reason other than him being frustrated, as his side of the garage is “not getting better”.

“Err, no, but we’re in a rut and… yeah, it’s not getting better and… yeah, frustration is just in the whole group right now – we want to do better, we want to get better, but it’s just a struggle right now,” Stroll said.