Lance Stroll issues Fernando Alonso challenge

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll believes that he can be on the level of two-time world champion Fernando Alonso.

In a determined bid to challenge his Aston Martin teammate Fernando Alonso’s prowess, Lance Stroll has expressed confidence in his ability to catch up this year, provided he makes a seemingly uncomplicated adjustment to his Formula 1 driving technique.

The commencement of the 2023 F1 season posed initial challenges for Stroll, as the 24-year-old Canadian racer encountered a setback ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix. 

A cycling accident in February forced him to forgo pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit. 

To mend a fractured wrist incurred during the incident, Stroll underwent minor surgical intervention, involving the insertion of pins.

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Undeterred by the setback, Stroll courageously participated in the opening round, securing a commendable sixth place and successfully fending off George Russell from Mercedes. 

This resolute performance set the tone for a series of notable achievements in subsequent races.

Throughout the pre-summer break phase, Stroll consistently amassed points in nearly all but four of the 11 following Grands Prix. 

His only unremarkable finish within the top 10 came at the Saudi Arabian GP due to mechanical complications. 

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Similarly, the Miami GP witnessed Stroll placing 12th, and the Monaco GP saw him caught in multiple collisions, resulting in a 14th-place finish. 

Amidst these feats, Stroll’s duel with adversity continued, with incidents involving Alex Albon of Williams, Sergio Perez of Red Bull, and Kevin Magnussen of Haas.

The Monaco GP, however, presented a significant setback, culminating in Stroll’s withdrawal due to the loss of his Aston Martin’s front wing at the hairpin. 

The British GP further proved challenging, as Stroll’s collision with Pierre Gasly incurred a five-second penalty, leading to a 14th-place result.

In the championship standings after 12 rounds, Stroll currently occupies the ninth position with 47 points. 

Meanwhile, Alonso stands third with an impressive tally of 149 points, positioning him as the leading non-Red Bull contender. 

Alonso’s consistency is underscored by six podium finishes in 12 Grands Prix, with remarkable performances at the Bahrain, Saudi Arabian, Australian, and Miami Grands Prix, as well as a second-place finish at the Monaco GP and the Canadian GP.

Stroll firmly believes that a solitary modification to his approach holds the key to matching Alonso’s formidable pace in the other Aston Martin vehicle. 

Alongside this adaptation, Stroll acknowledges the significance of error-free weekends in securing enhanced results. 

He shared his perspective with Motor Sport Magazine, emphasising, “I think this year is, honestly, a lot of things that are out of our control that have really affected us. 

“And I think if we have clean weekends, the results will be better. That’s what I honestly believe.”

Addressing his ambition to bridge the gap with Alonso, Stroll elaborated, “But also just getting more out of the car and driving a bit faster because, right now, Fernando has generally been faster than me. 

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“So, I have to figure out how to go a little bit faster round the corners. 

“Simple. That’s what we’re here to do, right?”

As Stroll embarks on his seventh year in F1, the Canadian is clearly hungry to show that he deserves his spot on the grid based on merit, rather than due to his father’s ownership of the team.