Lance Stroll challenges Pierre Galsy to fistfight

Lance Stroll and Pierre Gasly collided at Silverstone, ending the Alpine driver’s race early.

Lance Stroll wasted no time in issuing a fiery challenge to Pierre Gasly following their collision during the British Grand Prix. 

The incident occurred on the entrance to Club corner as both drivers fiercely battled for the 11th position. 

Stroll’s car ran wide at the Vale chicane, prompting him to cut the corner and collide with Gasly, ultimately breaking Gasly’s suspension. 

The crash resulted in a double DNF for the Alpine team, as Esteban Ocon had earlier suffered a hydraulics leak.

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Stroll, who received a five-second penalty and two penalty points on his FIA super licence, seemed to deflect blame for the incident and jokingly suggested a meeting with Gasly in the parking lot. 

In response to whether they had spoken about the crash, Stroll replied, “No, I’ll meet him in the parking lot later! 

“I got forced off the track both times I passed him, so I’m not really sure why I got a penalty because I was given no room.”

He continued, “I got a track limits [penalty] for one, and I was forced wide and forced wide again. 

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“Then the next time I passed him, I was given no room. I was forced wide, and then I came back on the track, and we touched. 

“If I was given more room, I wouldn’t have had to come back on the track, and we wouldn’t have touched.”

However, Gasly firmly placed the blame on Stroll, emphasising that he could do nothing more to avoid the collision. 

Gasly explained, “Unfortunately, the timing of the Safety Car, just after my pit-stop, meant we fell back outside of the points. 

“And then, while fighting to climb back into the top ten, our race was over through an incident beyond my control when Lance hit me and damaged my suspension.”

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Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer attributed Gasly’s elimination to Stroll’s “double infringement.” 

On the other hand, Aston Martin boss Mike Krack defended Stroll, commending his efforts to secure points for the team. 

Krack stated, “Lance raced hard today. He was pushing hard to get into the top 10 in the final stages, but the contact with Pierre [Gasly] ultimately dropped him down the final order.”