Kevin Magnussen makes surprising claim about Australia crash

Kevin Magnussen's crash with five laps remaining triggered the second red flag of the Australian Grand Prix.

Kevin Magnussen’s Australian Grand Prix ended in disappointing fashion, after the Dane crashed heavily on the exit of Turn Two with five laps remaining.

It was Magnussen’s late crash which triggered the second red flag of the race, which led to the chaotic restart.

Magnussen hit the wall hard and appeared to simply run wide, with the impact having taken his right-rear tyre off.

Despite the heavy hit, Magnussen claimed afterwards that he “didn’t even feel it”, despite the size of the collision.

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“I didn’t even feel it, so it definitely wasn’t something that felt big in the car,” said Magnussen, as reported by

“But it was enough to crack the rim and take the tyre off. Unfortunate – we were in P12, so at the time it didn’t look like we would be able to score points.

“So, not my day, and it seemed like again, the car seemed to have decent pace so I’m encouraged by that, and we’ll push next time.”

The Dane wasn’t looking set to finish in the points regardless of his crash, with the Haas driver having been one of a few drivers to be caught out by the first red flag in the race.

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A red flag was flown after Alex Albon crashed at Turn Seven on Lap Seven, with the likes of George Russell, Carlos Sainz and Magnussen having opted to pit due to a Safety Car having been deployed initially.

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It was only whilst the field was behind the Safety Car that the red flag was flown, with Magnussen having fallen to last after pitting before it.

Magnussen was disappointed by the red flag and admitted that he was “unlucky” with the timing of it, after initially believing he had a chance to finish in the points.

“I think we got unlucky with the red flag because we’d just pitted out of P11 and we seemed to be quicker than the next couple of cars so I was fairly confident at that stage of the race, and then we pitted under the Safety Car… and then that turned into a red flag and then everybody put their tyres on… to [go] the end. So I was last,” added the Dane.