Kevin Magnussen: ‘This Thing With Hulkenberg Haunts Me To This Day’

Kevin Magnussen’s F1 career came to an end at the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and he is reportedly set to join Peugeot in WEC.

Kevin Magnussen Hungary 2017 comment -

Kevin Magnussen attracted his fair share of criticism over the course of his F1 career, with a number of drivers finding him to be too aggressive when battling wheel-to-wheel.

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And, the Dane has recently revealed that one incident in particular still “haunts” him.

At the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix, Magnussen was battling Nico Hulkenberg for the last points-paying position.

After pushing Hulkenberg off the circuit in a bid to defend his position, Magnussen was given a five-second penalty.

After the race, in the media pen, Hulkenberg approached Magnussen while he was in the middle of an interview and said: “Once again the most unsporting driver”, to which the Dane replied: “Suck my balls, honey.”

Commenting on the incident and how he feels about the fact many people will remember him by it, Magnussen said:

“This thing with Hulkenberg haunts me to this day. It has become almost annoying to talk about it.

“There are other things that I will remember. This one thing got a lot of attention, but it is not something I will remember in my Formula 1 career.

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“Why do people remember that right now? It’s difficult for me to understand. I remember more sporting things and things that happened on the track,” he explained.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Kevin Magnussen is set to join Peugeot’s World Endurance Championship (WEC) driver squad in 2022.

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