Jos Verstappen speaks out on leaked messages

Despite these tensions, a Red Bull spokesperson assured unity within the team, focusing on the racing aspect.

At the Bahrain Grand Prix, amidst escalating scrutiny, Jos Verstappen, father of Formula One champion Max Verstappen, refuted claims that he disclosed confidential text messages related to Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner.

Jos, a 51-year-old ex-F1 driver, emphasized that the unfolding controversy was creating divisions, following the leak of an anonymous email concerning Horner, which surfaced shortly after Red Bull addressed and dismissed a complaint of improper conduct against him.

Jos Verstappen vehemently denied being the leak’s source, highlighting the lack of motive given his son Max’s successful and comfortable position at Red Bull, under contract until 2028.

He remarked, “But why would I do that? Max has a contract with Red Bull until 2028, is performing great and feels at home here.

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“I have no interest in that at all.”

Despite his denial, he expressed concern over the team’s cohesion, stating, “The situation is not good for the team and is driving people apart.”

His worries extend to the leadership of Horner, predicting turmoil within Red Bull if Horner remains.

He accused Horner of exacerbating the situation by adopting a victim stance.

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This criticism follows what is rumored to be a heated exchange between Jos Verstappen and Horner post-qualifying race, further highlighting the internal strains within the team.

Despite these tensions, a Red Bull spokesperson assured unity within the team, focusing on the racing aspect.

Max Verstappen, a key figure in Red Bull due to his on-track achievements, has reportedly remained silent on his father’s statements.

Even when probed about his confidence in Horner as team principal, Max chose to emphasize his performance rather than delve into team politics.

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The Verstappens have previously shown support for Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, Helmut Marko, amidst his disagreements with Horner, although these disputes have been downplayed by Horner as minor differences amplified by rivals.

Amidst the ongoing controversies, Horner, supported by his wife, former Spice Girl singer Geri Horner, demonstrated a united front.

The couple’s public displays of affection came against the backdrop of intense media focus on Horner’s alleged messages and the accusations of improper behavior, underscoring the personal and professional challenges facing the Red Bull team leadership.