Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner’s clash continues

Jos Verstappen, observed conversing with Ferrari's Toto Wolff, has openly criticized Horner's leadership, predicting turmoil within Red Bull Racing if Horner continues in his role.

During the Bahrain Grand Prix, a tense exchange between Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull Racing, and Jos Verstappen, the father of three-time world champion Max Verstappen, was captured on television.

This incident came amidst a whirlwind of online speculation concerning the nature of their disagreement, especially following a report by Mail Sport that highlighted a significant argument between the two after the qualifying round on Friday.

Jos Verstappen, observed conversing with Ferrari’s Toto Wolff, has openly criticized Horner’s leadership, predicting turmoil within Red Bull Racing if Horner continues in his role.

This criticism follows the leak of controversial messages and images sent by Horner to a female employee. Jos accused Horner of portraying himself as a victim amidst these allegations.

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The content of their conversation, which occurred inside a team trailer, remains undisclosed, though Horner’s visibly upset demeanor, including gestures and animated expressions, was apparent.

Jos, on the other hand, maintained a more reserved posture with his hands in his pockets.

This exchange has fueled widespread conjecture regarding its implications, including suggestions that Max Verstappen might seek a move to Ferrari, potentially partnering with Lewis Hamilton, or consider a position at Mercedes, anticipating Hamilton’s departure at the end of 2024.

Another theory posits that Jos Verstappen was advocating on behalf of the implicated female employee or advising Horner to resign, with Horner resisting such suggestions.

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Max Verstappen has notably withheld explicit support for Horner during recent press engagements, hinting at his alignment with his father’s criticisms.

Despite the controversy, Horner was exonerated from accusations of coercive behavior towards the woman in question last Wednesday.

In a remarkable display of solidarity, Horner’s wife, Geri Halliwell, joined him in Bahrain, publicly demonstrating her support with a conspicuous kiss amidst the ongoing scrutiny.