Jeremy Clarkson ‘fizzing’ at Bahrain GP after being ‘infuriated’

Last season saw the introduction of the new aerodynamic regulations, which resulted in more overtaking than ever before.

Formula 1 fanatic Jeremy Clarkson praised the new aerodynamic regulations at last weekend’s season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, as reigning World Champion Max Verstappen stormed to his first ever victory at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Clarkson is, of course, best known for being a former presenter of Top Gear and now one of the hosts of Amazon’s The Grand Tour, with the 62-year-old having often worked with Formula 1 drivers.

Clarkson has interviewed the likes of Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and so many more; however, until last weekend, he hadn’t attended a race in many years.

His love of the pinnacle of motorsport diminished somewhat after finding it “infuriating”, with overtaking having been a rarity.

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The new aerodynamic regulations, though, have been a huge success in Clarkson’s eyes, with the presenter believing that F1 is finally “back”.

“It’s the first Formula 1 race I’ve been to for years,” Clarkson told Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle on the grid.

“It’s just so fantastic to be back. I adore Formula 1. It was infuriating for years and years and now it’s back, because they can follow one another and the aerodynamics are so much better.

“My daughter is now a really big fan so I can talk to her about it. I can’t believe how big [the cars] have got! I’m just fizzing with excitement over it all.”

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Brundle then asked Clarkson who he’d be supporting during the race, to which he replied by stating several teams.

“It’s not like football, you don’t have a team,” Clarkson added.

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“I like Alfa Romeos, always have done. Alpine are my local team in Chipping Norton so I root for them a little bit.

“I’m friends with a bunch of people at Red Bull and I’m here with Salman (the crown prince of Bahrain). I don’t know. But Max [Verstappen] is going to win the race. Who will be second? That is the question.”

Following the race, several photos of Clarkson with multiple teams surfaced onto social media, with him having taken a moment to take a group photo with Alpine and McLaren ahead of the race.