Jenson Button reveals Formula 1 wish as he praises Liberty Media

The current era of F1 cars are heavier than they have ever been before.

When the F1 regulations underwent a major revamp ahead of the 2022 season, the new ground effect cars became the heaviest in F1 history.

The minimum weight for the cars this season is almost 800kg, significantly more than it ever has been before this era of F1.

The cars are also much larger than before and while they get faster and faster every year, the size and weight of these cars does cause a few problems.

Firstly, overtaking has become a lot more difficult at certain circuits such as Monaco, with the cars being significantly wider than they were back in the prime days of the Monaco Grand PrIx, making racing almost impossible at the iconic circuit now.

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The weight and rigidity of the cars also makes street circuits much less appealing to the drivers, with Max Verstappen expressing his dislike for this style of circuit last season.

The new cars are so heavy that they are unable to ride curbs as well as in previous eras of F1, making street circuits become more of an issue that an attraction to the drivers.

Former F1 champion Jenson Button has agreed that making the cars lighter again would be a good think but still believes that F1 is currently doing well as a whole.

“I think F1’s in a great place. I enjoy the racing,” said the 2009 F1 champion.

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“The dream is that F1’s lighter, the cars are lighter. That’s always the dream, because I think as drivers we like lightweight cars – he says, as he’s about to race a stock car.

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“But no, I’m happy with where F1 is. As long as we’re ready to tickle things here and there, if we think it’s necessary and try it and not be afraid, I think F1’s in a great place.”

Button will be racing in NASCAR’s cup series in three races this season and believes that F1 can learn a thing or two from NASCAR’s model.

While making the cars lighter will certainly be on the FIA’s agenda, the safety of the drivers remains of the upmost priority.