‘It’s not possible’: Esteban Ocon makes FIA demand after farcical penalties

A host of drivers had engine penalties at the Italian Grand Prix last weekend.

Alpine’s Esteban Ocon wants to see changes made to the engine allocation going into next year after another raft of penalties at the Italian Grand Prix.

The drivers are all given three engines at the start of the season, with a specific number of components available.

The first time a driver exceeds their allocated pool of any part, they will be given a 10-place penalty, and every additional part after that gets them a five-place drop.

For example, if a driver takes on a fourth ICE, of which they are allowed three, then they will get a 10-place drop.

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When they then move on to their fifth one, they will take a five-place penalty, and the same applies to every additional one of that specific part thereafter.

Previously, teams would end up introducing so many new parts to their pool that they would have to start at the back and then serve drive-through penalties in the race, as McLaren did in 2015.

The FIA have made that system fairer in recent years though, so any penalty that exceeds 20 places is now just a back of the grid penalty.

Next season, because there are more races, one more of each component will be allocated to each driver. 

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Last weekend in Monza, nine of the 20 drivers had penalties, and because a lot of them had a different number of penalties, it took an age for the stewards to determine a starting grid.

It was initially thought that Max Verstappen would be promoted to fourth from seventh having qualified second, due to the fact that Sir Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz also had penalties, but the Dutchman stayed seventh.

Instead, Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly and Fernando Alonso were all placed in front of him, as well as George Russell and Lando Norris.

It was an immensely confusing situation which was eventually resolved late on Saturday night, but Ocon affirms that it could all be a lot easier.

“I would say maybe if we allocate one more engine for everybody,” he said, as per givemesport.com.

“I mean, no manufacturer manages really with such few parts for the whole season, we are racing at too many.

“We’re doing too many races, and it’s just not possible, I mean everybody proved it. 

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“We’ve had two penalties, some manufacturers have had many more penalties. So it’s not only us, it’s the whole field, really. 

“So yeah, it’s probably something to review by next year to up the number of parts a little bit.”

Ocon was one of the nine drivers to pick up grid penalties last weekend and, after starting 14th on the grid, he agonisingly missed out on a points finish in 11th behind Zhou Guanyu.