Is Taylor Swift dating Fernando Alonso?

Fernando Alonso and long-time girlfriend Andrea Schlager recently announced their split.

You can tell Formula 1 has been away for a while when F1 drivers are being linked to international pop stars, let alone one of the biggest stars on the planet!

With Formula still having one-week of a four-week break remaining, some interesting stories have begun to surface, with the latest bizarre headline linking double World Champion Fernando Alonso, to American sensation Taylor Swift.

It has been reported by multiple Spanish websites that the Aston Martin driver has been seeing Swift for a week now; however, the initial rumour was spread by anonymous Instagram gossip page Duexmoi.

Duexmoi shared an Instagram story sharing the rumour, which under the subject “Taylor Swift rumours”.

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“A couple of Spanish magazines have been posting about TS and Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso,” wrote Duexmoi.

“According to them the couple has been seeing each other for a week now. Nothing serious tho since they are both recently single.”

Whilst both have recently become single, after Alonso and long-time girlfriend Andrea Schlager broke-up and Swift parted ways with Joe Alwyn, the likelihood is that the duo don’t even know each other!

Perhaps Alonso is trying to take a leaf out of Lewis Hamilton’s book, with the 38-year-old having previously dated pop star Nicole Scherzinger.

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To no surprise, F1 fans have reacted to the surprising rumours hilariously, with many having joked about the duo’s potential height issues if they were to date.

Alonso is 5ft 7 whilst Swift is 5ft 11, with one fan having posted on social media a recent picture of Alonso, when he was requesting his Saudi Arabia trophy back from George Russell.

@supbruss wrote: “POV: You are Taylor Swift about to kiss Fernando Alonso.”

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Other than taking the mickey at Alonso’s height, the vast majority of the F1 community were more shocked at how bizarre the crossover would be if they were to date, with most believing that the pop icon wouldn’t know who Alonso is.

It would for certain be the biggest shock if Swift were to suddenly be seen at an upcoming F1 race, given that it’d just add further fuel to the ridiculous rumours.

Given how odd and outlandish the rumour is it’s quite clear that the F1 community all need the same thing, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix!