Is Charles Leclerc deluded?

Charles Leclerc and Ferrari are set to have another tough race at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend.

As the current Formula 1 season continues to unfold, one undeniable truth remains: Max Verstappen is reigning supreme. 

With an extraordinary display of prowess, the reigning world champion has maintained an almost unassailable lead on the track, triumphing in an astounding 11 out of the 13 races thus far in the 2023 season. 

Yet, amidst Verstappen’s unyielding dominance, Charles Leclerc refuses to be overshadowed, holding onto the belief that victory is still within his grasp.

In the face of Verstappen’s awe-inspiring achievements, Leclerc exudes an unshakable determination. 

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The Ferrari driver is candid in expressing his perspective, revealing, “As strange as it can sound, whenever I put my helmet on, I still feel like the victory is possible.” 

Leclerc’s unwavering optimism serves as a testament to his unbreakable spirit and indomitable drive. 

He elaborates further during his conversation with BBC Sport, stating, “Whenever I am home training or when I am in the car, winning is what motivates me and it never feels unachievable.”

Leclerc’s resolve to conquer the challenges before him is palpable, even as he acknowledges the formidable competition he faces. 

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“Then of course realistically before the weekend you know that, if nothing happens to them, they are just going to be in a league of their own come Sunday,” he concedes. 

The Monegasque driver is well aware of the level of excellence Verstappen has set, yet that knowledge doesn’t quell his unyielding faith in his own capabilities.

A sentiment of hope continues to burn bright within Leclerc as he gears up for each race. 

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“But whenever I close the visor, I still believe in it. I still think this is something I can do. 

“A win is still possible and I will always give absolutely everything for the win,” Leclerc affirms with conviction. 

His words reveal the depth of his commitment and his readiness to pour every ounce of effort into chasing victory.