Impossible to blame Charles Leclerc if he replaces Sergio Perez at Red Bull

Charles Leclerc finished P6 at the Hungarian GP after another strategic error by Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc’s chances of becoming the 2022 Formula 1 Drivers’ World Champion have taken a nose-dive as of late; however, not entirely through his own doing.

Leclerc had made his way to the front of the field at the Hungarian Grand Prix, whilst championship leader Max Verstappen was busy overtaking the top five.

The Monegasque driver looked set to claw some points back on Verstappen before the summer break, something which would’ve given him momentum going into the summer.

However, Leclerc was once again the victim of a strategic nightmare, thanks to the Ferrari strategists.

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Despite cool track temperatures and a serious chance of rain, the Italian team decided to put Leclerc onto the Hard compound tyre.

It was a decision that left the entire paddock confused, as Pirelli had even suggested themselves, not to use the compound due to it being difficult to heat up.

That’s just what happened to Leclerc; the 24-year-old failed to heat the hardest compound up, making him a sitting duck for those behind.

In the end, Leclerc had to pit again, dropping him to the bottom of the top six, whilst Verstappen inherited yet another victory.

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Many have questioned why Ferrari went against the words of the sport’s tyre manufacturer, who hadn’t prescribed the Hard compound in any of their suggested strategies for the race.

Leclerc’s radio conversation with the team after the chequered flag was one of awkwardness, with Leclerc starting by saying “The hard was so bad” multiple times.

The conversation between Leclerc and the team over the radio was both short, but certainly not sweet.

The Monegasque almost sounded bewildered as to why Ferrari put him on the Hard compound, something which none of the top five did.

Prior to the podium, Verstappen, Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell all watched the race replays, which included Leclerc being on the Hards.

All three couldn’t believe Ferrari had opted for a strategy which included a tyre that was almost impossible to heat up, with Leclerc now being 80 points behind Verstappen as a result.

It leaves the question once again, what were Ferrari thinking?

This isn’t the first time they’ve made a key strategic error which has resulted in losing a victory; the same occurred at the British Grand Prix and of course at Monaco.

The Scuderia have failed to learn from their mistakes, something which will surely be bothering the Monegasque.

Perhaps Leclerc may consider looking elsewhere, should Ferrari not finally learn from their countless lessons.

If Leclerc were to leave Ferrari, then one would think that it would only be to another team which could challenge for the title, so what about Red Bull Racing?

Whilst Verstappen is under-contract for several years, Sergio Pérez isn’t.

The Mexican’s current deal expires at the end of 2023; however, Dr Helmut Marko has recently spoken out against Pérez, insisting that he must improve.

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Leclerc won’t be leaving Ferrari this year, but if things don’t improve then a move at the end of 2023 could potentially happen.

Should Ferrari continue to make strategic mistakes, then nobody would be able to blame Leclerc for leaving Ferrari and possibly joining Red Bull, a side who are usually the best when it comes to strategy.

The Ferrari driver may have an emotional connection to the Scuderia, but he may have to forget about that should he want to become a World Champion.